Terms of Payment

When booking it is possible to choose only an apartment within the 4 available categories (BIG, MEDIUM, SMALL and SPECIAL). We will do our best to please you, but some changes could occur at the last minute due to technical problems or to the organization of arrivals and departures, on the understanding that we will guarantee you the assignment of an apartment belonging to the same category chosen or to a superior one (at the same economical conditions).



1) OPTION: option on the apartment remains valid for 48 hours and will automatically terminate after this time, if not confirmed by the payment of the deposit (we invite you to call and confirm your room-booking first).
2) DEPOSIT: the reservation is confirmed only by paying a deposit of 1/3 of the total amount (non-refundable in the event of cancellation or no-show). In such communication you are requested to specify your personal data and the day of arrival and departure;
3) BALANCE: the balance on the reservation is required upon arrival (only cash payments are accepted), besides the payment of a security deposit.
4) NO SHOW or DELAYED ARRIVALS: the dates of departure and arrival can not be changed, unless agreed with the owners and only subject to any availability. Any other behavior would be charged to the customer
In case of late arrival is necessary to communicate it to the direction to avoid the booking cancellation and the lost of the deposit.


ROOM-BOOKING (expenses chargeable to the customer):
1) Bank Transfer (expenses chargeable to the customer and delivery of the receipt for payment by e.mail or fax):
Bank: Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro – (address: C.so Vittorio Emanuele – Pescara)
Bank account: Soc. Agric. Giammorretti – de Pompeis S.S.
Account number: 000000025278
IBAN: IT71D0 1005 15400 000000025278

2) Credit card: PayPal (almost all the normal credit cards – see the direct link in our web page or paypal.com): our internet address = madonnadegliangeli@gmail.com. (PLEASE watch out for fees, to be paid by the customer, ranging from 3.4% for the countries of influence Euro, 3.9% for the U.S. and Canada, up to a maximum of 5.2% for Australia and a few other countries yet!)

We accept payments with Paypal.


P.S. we please ask you the delivery of the receipt for payment by fax or e-mail


PLEASE NOTE: we welcome small pets but do ask for advance notice (under its responsability, absolutely docile with persons or other animals and that do not bark too much).


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