Valle dell’Orta Nature Reserve


Near the farmstay there is the village of Bolognano, located on a rise along the Orta Valley. Part of the valle dell’Orta nature reserve falls within the territory of Bolognano and this is the location of prehistoric site of Grotta dei Piccioni, one of the Region’s most important archeological caves, with extraordinary discoveries made over [...]

The hermitage of Celestino V

eremo di san Bartolomeo

The region’s most remarkble hermitages are to befound in the area of Roccamorice (fewwminuts to farmstay), and the most important is the hermitage of Santo Spirito a Majella. The hermitage of San Bartolomeo di Legio is also magnificent, hidden in the sheer face of the grat, rugged Santo Spirito valley.It was rebuilt in abosut 1250 [...]

The sacred wood of Luco and pagan worship at St. Tommaso

Caramanico (Pe), la valle dei Luchi

UNDER CONSTRUCTION (at the agriturismo several guides, maps and tourist information in the various major languages are available to guests staying) Nell’alta Valle dell’Orta il paesaggio offre nuovi sorprendenti scenari ancora una volta diversi dal canyon carsico di Bolognano. Assolutamente da non perdere la suggestiva piana del Luco che, con i suoi torrioni monolitici che [...]

The old sheep track to L’Aquila: nature, historical towns and castles

Bominaco AQ, oratorio di San Pellegrino, interno

The territory covered, revolving around the Gran Sasso- Laga Mountains National Park, offers a whole range of encounters with extremely significant history and art, and the unique traits of the entire Region are condensed into a single area, against a backdrop of rugged mountains.This is a karstic landascape, reaching hig altitude, where there are many [...]

San Clemente a Casauria abbey

cripta san Clemente

The abbey is but short distance from farmstay. This is one of the Abruzzo Region’s most significant architectural and artistic structures, the result of a series of alterations implemented from the late 12 th C., up to the restoration work carried out beteween the late 19 th C. The abbey , built in the 9 [...]

On the Tirino river

tirino pesco 2006 054

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