- “SPECIAL” small apartments: Torretta

Among the small apartments “Torretta” (“little Tower” – 30 sq.m) deserves a special mention. Converted from an old silos for the remittance of hay, where there are two levels inside a circular and romantic space that has the appearance of a small old tower.

It has 2-rooms, on two floors, and it is located between the central and the secondary buildings. It has 2 beds on the first floor (double bedroom, or two single, with a little terrace facing on the major central garden), while on the ground floor: small living room with kitchenette and sofa bed for children of 1,70 m. + bathroom with shower. Outside there is a nice covered patio, with table and chairs and a small front garden facing on the bigger park around). Its tower-shaped circular structure is really peculiar, as once it was a former silos for the hay storage. Furnished with some antiques from the Abruzzo region and typical handcraft. It can be not very comfortable for people with problems in movements because of the steep indoor staircase which brings to the bedroom (similar to those you can find in ships), but it is extremely charming and romantic, so very suitable for “juvenile” people. All the rest of the apartment is on the ground floor. Air conditioning system with extra charge if used + microwave (besides all the facilities for cooking). In winter wood stove with fire-glass.

When booking it is possible to choose only an apartment within the 4 available categories (Large, Medium-sized, Small and Special ones), we will do our best to please you.

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