Apartment Dolmen (3-room, 60 sqm) on the first floor at the back of the central building (next to the Menhir, a stone embedded in the ground, once incorrectly called Dolmen), with terrace and stained-glass arches. It has 4 beds with the choice of adding an extra bed (large double bedroom + large second bedroom for 2 single beds or double bed + living room with kitchenette furnished also with microwave-oven + bathroom with shower + small covered entrance terrace with outdoor table and chairs). The flat has a bright veranda, it is furnished with antiques and is equipped with a fireplace + in winter a wood stove with fire-glass, besides the regular heating system. Air conditioning.


When booking it is possible to choose only an apartment within the 4 available categories (Big, Medium, Small and Special), we will do our best to please you.

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