Abruzzo green blue” and “Abruzzo the Green Zone of Europe” are two slogans used to define the peculiarities of our land: the incredible proximity between our 3 highest mountains in the Apennines and the sea (130 km of coastline with 13 “Blue Flags”) and then the highest concentration in Europe of National Parks and Nature Reserves (about 36% of the territory). And what’s more, everything is embellished by countless abbeys, monasteries, castles and monuments mostly medieval (among the top places in the club of “Most Beautiful Villages in Italy” with 19 historical towns mentioned), almost always all “embedded” in unspoiled natural landscapes. The Majella itself is a sacred mountain and is the second in the world by the concentration of churches, hermitages or places of worship. Even the man, with his strong attachment to its land and its proud strength and tenacity (“The taciturn with square shoulders,” according to D’Annunzio), shows itself in this special land and fascinates the traveler for the stubborn desire to preserve ancestral rites and traditions, which offer themselves not to lure tourists but as they are still stubbornly alive. (v. link con “Abruzzi”)

Our farm is located in a strategic position to take all these features: walk among the vineyards on a donkey, swim and discover the traces of prehistoric man in the canyon of the Valle Dell’Orta, get excited in front of medieval hermitages set in natural landscapes untouched, dive (perhaps having just been on top of the Majella mountain) in the crystalline waters of the Marine Reserve of Torre Di Cerrano, and so much more to discover in our special section TRACKS

Furthermore we are close to the provincial capital of Pescara, with its international airport, and the villages of Torre de Passeri, Castiglione a Casauria, Pescosansonesco, Pietranico, Bolognano, Piano D’Orta, Musellaro, Alanno, Scafa, Popoli, Bussi Sul Tirino, Sulmona


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